User experiences in the 1/2010 issue

Novo Orlovsky by In the latest issue of ArchiMAG, we published an interview with Michał Kazłowski and Joanna Wachowicz – two Polish architects from Archi-Med Sollers. Novo Orlovsky, a proposed new suburb in Russia is presented in another article. This plan is stunning in it’s size and was intended to house nearly 30 000 people. A fascinating restaurant is presented in the article “A restaurant in a tree”. Another article shares some... Read More

Support article in the 1/2010 issue

Texture workshop – create your own textures for visualisation This tutorial shows you how to make suitable texture images for ArchiCAD, Artlantis or some other program that uses textures to give a ‘real-life’ feel to the modelled surfaces.  Read More

Software articles in the 1/2010 issue

Isler House in New Zealand. Architect: Dave Chisholm Four great articles were written about different software in the latest issue of ArchiMAG magazine. Below you can find short introductions to the articles. Subscribe to receive the full magazine. ArchiCAD 14 ArchiCAD 14 continues to lead the way among building information modelling tools. Special emphasis has been placed on compatibility and efficient data transfer between different software. Cadimage – the Mathematics of... Read More

GDL related articles in the 1/2010 issue

Prisms and Rounded Corners in GDL Extruded polygons, or prisms, are among the most versatile 3D elements in GDL. This is a discussion of status codes for some types of prism. To Save or Save As? How to avoid missing objects? This article provides a few answers to questions relating to editing existing objects and object identification, i.e. GUID.  Read More

Building Information Modeling in the 1/2010 issue

Copenhagen Two articles were written about BIM in the latest issue of ArchiMAG magazine. Below you can find short introductions. Subscribe to receive the full magazine. Next Evolution of BIM: Open Collaborative Design Across the Board One may argue about the degree of productivity increase brought about by BIM, but it is beyond dispute that the previously unseen wealth of information provided by virtual building models has put designers in a completely different position with... Read More

Graphisoft webinars: Architectural Record webinars coming up

”Combining BIM with Alternative Project Delivery” Time: 30 September, 2:00 pm EDT Find out more: “Open BIM Collaboration with ArchiCAD 14 & Tekla Structures” Time: 23 November 8.00 AM – 9.30 AM GMT (London), 3.00 AM – 4.30 AM (New York), 7.00 PM – 8.30 PM (Sydney) 16.00 PM – 17.30 PM GMT (London), 11.00 AM – 12.30 PM (New York), Nov 24, 3.00 AM – 4.30 AM (Sydney)  Read More

Graphisoft webinar: ArchiCAD 14: Open Design Collaboration

Graphisoft organizes a webinar on ArchiCAD 14 and Open Design Collaboration. Time: 22 October, 12:00 EDT Find out more:  Read More

Autodesk Releases Mac-compatible Version of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is usually associated as Pro-Windows software as there hasn’t been a Mac-compatible version of AutoCAD for ages. The latest AutoCAD that worked in Macintosh was AutoCAD 13, released in 1994. Time has passed since and now Autodesk is releasing a new AutoCAD that is compatible with Mac. Autodesk also announced the AutoCAD WS mobile application, a new free app soon to be available through Apple’s App Store that will extend AutoCAD to Apple’s iOS. The AutoCAD WS mobile... Read More

Solibri Provides Tools for Korea Power Exchange (KPX) Design Competition

Korea Power Exchange is a non-profit organization, which campaigns for ensuring the reliability of power supply in all regions of South Korea. Sporting BIM and high standard construction KPX launched design competition for their Head Offices. Together with competition launch KPX introduced first ever BIM guidelines in South Korea to ensure BIM technology will be used from the very beginning of the project. KPX has requested technical support and business cooperation for the design... Read More

Vote for ArchiCAD 14 and Tekla Structures 16 in Construction Computing Awards

Tekla Structures is BIM software for structural engineers. Tekla models can be used to cover the entire building process from conceptual de- sign to fabrication, erection and construction management. Last year Graphisoft and Tekla announce a global partnership to offer a best- in-class software solution for architecture and structural engineering practices. Workflow-level integration of ArchiCAD and Tekla Structures software enables true BIM collaboration between the AEC disciplines. Both... Read More