Inception and infographics – 3D Competition!

FastCompany recently launched a competition for designing the best infographics for Inception. The movie took place on many different levels and the participants were asked to try and summarize the happenings as well as the different levels in one picture, best as they could. This was a fantastic idea for an infographics competition and we were excited to see the results. The winning design was made by Rick Slusher with the infographic below (Click on the picture to view it in... Read More

ArchiMAG 2/2010 in print!

We’ve sent the 2/2010 issue of ArchiMAG to print. Since the first issue 2010, we’ve expanded our network of writers and the coverage is becoming more and more international. In this issue you can find articles about Virtual BIM Server, IFD, IFC Viewers, Smart GDL Objects, and an interview with Abelardo M. Tolentino Jr. among other things.Toread more, subscribe to ArchiMAG for 2011 and receive the two 2010 issues for free. 2011 looks interesting for ArchiMAG. Our aim... Read More

A New ArchiMAG Website Launched!

ArchiMAG construction site The ArchiMAG website has been under construction for a while now and you can finally view the end result. The new site has been designed to be more interactive, allowing our readers to comment on news and posts and a possibility to subscribe to receive the latest news. Our goal is to provide our readers with additional content through this new website that will enrich the information and articles featured in the physical magazines. We welcome all feedback... Read More