Texture Workshop – create your own textures for visualization

You have many alternating techniques to visualize a building model in ArchiCAD. This tutorial shows you how to make suitable texture images for ArchiCAD, Artlantis or some other program that uses textures to give a ‘real-life’ feel to the modelled surfaces. Textures in ArchiCAD are shown in a 3D window when you use the OpenGL engine or with renderers in a rendering window. The first step to successful visualization is careful and exact modelling, after which the surface... Read More

BIM and 3D modeling in action

Creating 3D and BIM models of buildings helps the project in many ways. In Finland, VTT has created a technology that almost literally lets you walk inside the building and the surrounding area. This kind of a 3D building model combined with VTT’s immersive multiwall CAVE display gives clients and other stakeholders a completely different view to the building-to-be. Have a look at the video, showing how the Digitalo building in the Otaniemi area in Finland can be explored... Read More