Last issue of 2011 is out now!

We are proud to tell that we have just published this year’s last ArchiMAG issue. Magazines has been posted and should reach readers in the near future. In this issue we have several articles about working on BIM projects over the internet and how to take designs on the road. We have Graphisoft’s CEO Viktor Várkonyi’s article about BIM in the cloud, which is followed by an article about BIMx – Graphisoft’s answer to working on tablet devices. Furthermore,... Read More

ArchiCAD 15

A year has rolled by and Graphisoft has succeeded in keeping up its annual release cycle. If ArchiCAD 14 was more about minor improvements and fixes to legacy features, ArchiCAD 15 has a number of new things to offer. ArchiCAD 15 is about Wow architecture, BIM collaboration and renovation – three of the hottest trends in current architecture. ArchiCAD 15 introduces two new design concepts. As the existing number of concepts is already high, you may ask why offer more. The reason... Read More