Going Global with Teamwork

Since its introduction in ArchiCAD 5.1 in 1997 the Teamwork feature has been evolving constantly and now opens up the possibility of global working. This has been successfully used by Icelandic architecture office Batteríið Arkitektar who used it to go global with their business when Iceland’s economic climate was struggling. In 2008 Iceland’s economy was hit hard. The collapse of the Icelandic banking system caused serious problems in financing and it was pretty much impossible... Read More

1960’s Box House Revised

When interior designer Chris Choy bought a typical 1960’s San Francisco box house, it was not in a great shape, it desperately needed updating. This didn’t stop Choy buying the house though as he saw potential in the house. Instead, he asked Terry&Terry architects to join him turning a boxy house into a modern dwelling. The house before renovation Even though Chris Choy’s house was in a bad shape, it was a good size so there was no need to extend it; rather the plan... Read More

BIM survey shows ArchiCAD as the industry standard in New Zealand

New Zealand company Masterspec recently announced the results from their 2012 Nationwide BIM Survey. With a total of 524 industry respondents (81% architects and architectural designers), the results provide a credible picture of present day standards, attitudes and the progress made towards BIM in New Zealand. The survey results clearly show ArchiCAD as the BIM software standard among New Zealand architects and architectural designers. Key Results from the survey: ArchiCAD... Read More