Old issues of ArchIMAG republished on iPad

We have republished couple old ArchiMAG issue to our iPad app. Our aim is to provide the whole back catalogue of ArchiMAG on iPad so all the information would be in one place – in ArchiMAG app. So far we have republished two issues that were previously available only as paper copies. These issues are 2/2010 and 1/2011. Both issues include interesting case studies and ArchiCAD tips. ArchiMAG 2/2010 Virtual BIM server Challenges Create Capabilities Solibri Model Checker:... Read More

Solibri Model Checker v8 – helping BIM projects succeed

Solibri, Inc. is excited to introduce the Solibri Model Checker v8 bringing step-by-step guidance to BIM QA/QC. Many have seen or heard about the NIST report attributing an estimated USD 15.8 billion annual waste in the construction industry in the USA alone. Today, this is no longer acceptable. We have the tools and means to master information and, based on the OpenBIM approach, information can be unlocked and widely shared using open standards. Construction companies are also... Read More