Solibri Model Checker v8 – helping BIM projects succeed

Solibri, Inc. is excited to introduce the Solibri Model Checker v8 bringing step-by-step guidance to BIM QA/QC.

Many have seen or heard about the NIST report attributing an estimated USD 15.8 billion annual waste in the construction industry in the USA alone. Today, this is no longer acceptable. We have the tools and means to master information and, based on the OpenBIM approach, information can be unlocked and widely shared using open standards.
Construction companies are also driving the change towards OpenBIM. These companies have adopted the collision control process well and are now moving beyond this to the next value-adding steps. Many of the companies are now focused on quality control and zero-flaw defect strategies. For example, by deploying the Solibri Model Checker as a quality assurance tool, HENT of Norway, a major construction company, are now able to identify and solve more than 80% of design errors and omissions during the design process instead of detecting them as on-site errors during construction as was previously the case.
The widespread adoption of BIM is targeting better buildings, more economic design solutions, more effective construction and sustainable development. These targets require meeting the requirements and needs of different stakeholders as well as being able to verify the right quality in design and construction. The key for meeting the ever increasing requirements is the ability to perform quality assurance – the set of systematic tasks used to assure the quality of a product; and quality control – the process of verifying that the requirements are consistently met.
The key challenge has been that implementing practical and repeatable BIM QA/QC is difficult and requires expertise and experience. We are especially proud to announce the SMC v8, a solution to the above QA/QC challenges as it introduces step-by-step process support.

Model Checking for Quality

BIM-based quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) is the unique core capability of the Solibri Model Checker (SMC). The SMC offers the most powerful – yet easy to learn and use – tool for this job as well as providing the most efficient QA/QC process support available.
Solibri’s customers have given excellent reviews on the ease of use of the Solibri Model Checker – especially when visualizing, navigating or browsing models and performing Information Takeoff. The quality assurance and Ruleset execution involves a few more steps and can be somewhat more demanding. After all, it is a process that is intended to produce detailed information that helps us improve the design, the quality of the models and the quality of information in the models.

New Innovation: Step-by-Step QA/QC

The Solibri Model Checker has such an extensive library of QA/QC rules and capabilities that sometimes there seems to be too many to choose from. Now, by introducing the Solibri Model Checker v8, users are given help in finding the relevant tasks and Rulesets needed to carry out their job. After the user selects a suitable QA/QC role, the Solibri Model Checker opens the required Ruleset and guides them through the steps. QA will produce reliable and useful results the first time.
This is made possible by introducing a step-by-step tool that guides, when needed, Solibri users through the steps required to produce reliable and consistent checking results from project to project.
Consider having to check if the design meets the requirements of the client for Space Analysis – the client’s statement on the scope and spaces needed so that the building serves its intended purpose.
For this purpose, the Solibri Model Checker now contains the role ‘Space Analysis’ with the proposed steps. After the user has chosen the role, the Solibri Model Checker opens the suggested Rulesets and presents the user with a simple list of individual steps needed to accomplish the job.

Selection of the suitable Role for the job.

Based on the Role, the selected Rulesets are proposed and explained.

These steps, for example, ensure that the spaces have been classified, the importing of the building specific information and the convention for naming the spaces on the project.
This means that the user is notified if some relevant tasks are unfinished and which could result in inaccurate QA/QC results. Naturally, these reminders can be turned off at any time and then restarted when necessary to see if any tasks are unfinished.
If, for example, the classification of spaces is incomplete, the Solibri Model Checker will notify the user.
Sometimes, the analysis requires additional information that is not available in the model but would greatly improve the quality of the analysis. These tasks are shown with a ‘To-Do’ list.

Tasks are shown with ”to-do” list

In this example Space Classification is not yet completed.

When there are exceptions to classification rules, unclassified spaces can be visualized and classified on the fly.

Assess the Quality of the Design with One Glance

The ability to establish and categorize the severity of issues is another of Solibri’s unique innovations. We have been asked on several occasions to give the user the ability to modify the severity according to company standards, project requirements, LOD phase, etc. This is now possible in the Solibri Model Checker v8. We do, however, recommend that severity categorizing should only be changed by the person(s) setting the standards for the company. This is a good way to assure a consistent quality assurance process. When needed, it is possible to lock the Rulesets so that unapproved changes cannot be made.
The Solibri Model Checker v8 also introduces the ‘Result Summary’ view that instantly shows the general level of the model quality by measuring the Issue Density of the model, and by displaying the number of issues by Issue Severity. The SMC v8 utilizes a specific algorithm developed by Solibri that measures the number of issues relative to the volume of the building each Ruleset, sub Ruleset and each Rule has. The SMC v8 also includes a detailed QA/QC report.

Rule Customization Made Easy

The Solibri Model Checker v8 includes, for the first time ever, a comprehensive set of example rules for every supported Solibri rule, making it easy to understand how each rule works, and how it can be adapted for different uses. We have also added a powerful search capability for querying the rule base according to key words. For example, we can easily query all the rules for the word ‘space’ enabling us to quickly see how the existing rules analyse ‘spaces’.
It is possible to modify a rule with the SMC v8 and then immediately use the modified rule for model checking. This makes experimenting with rules very fast and flexible.

More information about Solibri Model Checker:

This article was published in the 4/2012 issue of ArchiMAG in December 2012. Get your copy of ArchiMAG from App Store!

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