Old issues of ArchIMAG republished on iPad

We have republished couple old ArchiMAG issue to our iPad app. Our aim is to provide the whole back catalogue of ArchiMAG on iPad so all the information would be in one place – in ArchiMAG app.

So far we have republished two issues that were previously available only as paper copies. These issues are 2/2010 and 1/2011. Both issues include interesting case studies and ArchiCAD tips.

ArchiMAG 2/2010

  • Virtual BIM server
  • Challenges Create Capabilities
  • Solibri Model Checker: Easy way of checking – design analysed automatically
  • IFD
  • Processes – downsizing in times of crisis
  • IFC viewers
  • Omega IAT receives award for the first project designed with ArchiCAD
  • ArchiLogs
  • Smartball object
  • An interview with Abelardo M. Tolentino Jr. from Aidea
  • Transferring projects to a newer version
  • View: Towards a model server
  • News

ArchiMAG 1/2011

  • Super-Low Energy Building Design with BIM
  • Interview with Bradley Khouri from B9 Architects
  • How to Use Magic Mouse with CAD
  • Managing the Favorites Palette
  • Making Objects with Standard ArchiCAD Design Tools
  • M.A.D. Solutions: Zonematic
  • M.A.D. Solutions: Revisiomatic
  • New Features of SketchUp 8
  • View: BIM: The Verb
  • Full Frame vs. Crop Frame
  • View: Brave New World
  • News
  • Tips & Tricks

If you don’t have ArchiMAG app yet on your iPad, download it from App Store!

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