Inception and infographics – 3D Competition!

FastCompany recently launched a competition for designing the best infographics for Inception. The movie took place on many different levels and the participants were asked to try and summarize the happenings as well as the different levels in one picture, best as they could. This was a fantastic idea for an infographics competition and we were excited to see the results.

The winning design was made by Rick Slusher with the infographic below (Click on the picture to view it in full size):

Inception the architecture © Rick Slusher

Inception the architecture © Rick Slusher

We found this presentation of the film with all the different levels very creative and insightful but of course we’re confident that with 3D we could accomplish even more! You can read more about the winning design and the design process on FastCompany’s website.

We would like to launch a competition that will take place starting from today and ending by the end of January: create your own infographic of Inception and send us your design by the end of January to win praise and glory as well as a year of ArchiMAG for free. We would like to see designs that take the world of Inception onto a real 3D-level. the graphic should also summarize the film clearly -showing e.g. on which level each of the characters were and at what time.

You can view other entries to FastCompany ‘s contest here and here. A great flow chart version can be found here.

More information about the movie can be found on the movie’s home page.

Inception trailer on Youtube

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