Solibri Provides Tools for Korea Power Exchange (KPX) Design Competition

Korea Power Exchange is a non-profit organization, which campaigns for ensuring the reliability of power supply in all regions of South Korea. Sporting BIM and high standard construction KPX launched design competition for their Head Offices. Together with competition launch KPX introduced first ever BIM guidelines in South Korea to ensure BIM technology will be used from the very beginning of the project.

KPX has requested technical support and business cooperation for the design competition from Solibri, Inc., which is the globally leading provider of BIM quality assurance software. Solibri has agreed to support the KPX design competition by providing the participants with free Solibri Model Checker licenses for quality evaluation of BIM models, educational program on BIM quality assurance for the participating companies and cooperation for BIM quality evaluation work during the competition.

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Read Solibri’s press release here.

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