Graphisoft releases ArchiCAD Start Edition 2011


Graphisoft announced the release of ArchiCAD Star(t) Edition 2011 German and Austrian versions on January 18. The start edition is the latest release of Graphisoft’s entry-level BIM solution.

The new ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition 2011 is based on the Virtual Building technology of ArchiCAD 14, but with a feature set and pricce tailored to the needs of small architectural practices, home builders, and building contractors. ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition 2011 contains all the tools necessary to create the Virtual Building model from whihc the entire architectural documentation is derived.


The new Start Edition 2011 includes new features such as:

  • Partial structure display
  • Oriented views
  • Shadows in open GL
  • Refined management of object libraries
  • Dimension Text prefix/suffix
  • Improved handling of Schedules
  • Ruler
  • Direct import of site-survey data
  • MEP support
  • Streamlined AutoCAD 2010 I/O
  • Performance optimizations

The German and Austrian versions have already started shipping on January 17.

Read Graphisoft’s News for more information.

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