Omega IAT receives award for the first project designed with ArchiCAD

Omega IAT project ©Asgeir Damman

Omega IAT's winning project ©Omega IAT

In August this year Architect Asgeir Damman of Omega IAT’s branch in Stord, Norway, received an award in the Europe & Africa Poverty Awards 2010 for a housing project at Stord. Damman designed the project in the summer of 2009 and it is currently under construction in Ådland. The project will be completed by the end of the year and consists of seven houses and an apartment building.

The project is specifically adapted to the climate in western Norway; it is situated at a great location and interacts with the surrounding area. We have had excellent cooperation with the developer, and I am very pleased with the results”, says Damman. He travelled to London in late September, where he was to receive the jury’s evaluation in the category of Best Architecture, multiple units. In this category the projects with the highest scores compete against projects from other parts of the world.

ArhiCAD modelling throughout the process

Damman used ArchiCAD throughout the whole project, from sketch models for the first viewing, interior and exterior renderings, all the way to the final three amended house types. All the variants were created as furnished and illuminated 3D models. When the house types were finished, the entire housing area was designed in 3D from a DWG location plan with existing terrain and balanced streets. The houses were distributed in the terrain so as to find the most favourable height and position. The model was also used to create sections and a site plan for the buildings as well as for sales presentations.

Furthermore, Damman created working drawings, plans, sections and facades, door and window shapes incorporating some minor adjustments according to the customer’s wishes, all in ArchiCAD. The developer was eager to start the construction process and sales as quickly as possible. It was a hectic period, and Graphisoft’s support department received numerous phone calls during this time.

BIM offers great advantages for projects

“BIM has proved to offer great advantages for projects, especially when it comes to building design, because you can always look at the design from many different angles and check that everything is in order and looks as it should”, says Damman. “You can’t go wrong when designing in ArchiCAD. If something is not right, you instantly spot the issues. When you take a look at the project from the best angles and render it quickly, you get the confirmation you need to see that the result will work.”

You can’t go wrong when designing in ArchiCAD. If something is not right, you instantly spot the issues.

Omega IAT got a good kick-start with ArchiCAD and the project in Stord is the first one they have designed in ArchiCAD. There were some small issues at the beginning, as they had just switched to ArchiCAD, but most of the problems seemed to lie in the hardware rather than the software. The only wish Damman has for Graphisoft is that they create more useful objects for 3D work and rendering. In the run-up to the deadline for the first sales presentation they received help from Martin Bendheim of Graphisoft, who rendered a presentation in Artlantis. Everyone in the office has agreed to invest further in ArchiCAD. They have now also tried exchanging files in IFC with another project, which worked brilliantly.

Jury’s verdict

We interviewed Damman after his trip to London and he told us that all had gone very well, the programme was great and they had received the “5-Star Award for Best Architecture (Multiple Units)”. The five star rating is the highest possible, so Damman was very pleased with the result. He was also impressed with the way in which their small-scale project had been given attention in the programme.

Written by Cecilie Remøy, Graphisoft

This article was published in the 2/2010 issue of ArchiMAG
Written by Cecilie Remøy, Graphisoft Norway
Translated from Norwegian by Hanna Stolt

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