ArchiMAG issue 1/2011

ArchiMAG issue 1/2011

ArchiMAG issue 1/2011

The first issue of the year is out!

By now, the new ArchiMAG issue should have reached all of our readers. The new issue 1/2011 is full of interesting articles. The ”hot topic” of this issue is a new Graphisoft EcoDesigner, which is introduced in the magazine by Miklós Sved, who is one of the software developers of EcoDesigner. The article gives great insight into the new EcoDesigner version and illustrates the use of EcoDesigner with a Hadlow Gollege case study.

This issue introduces a new feature in ArchiMAG: ‘In Spotlight’ section presents ArchiCAD projects from around the world in a visually appealing way. In this ArchiMAG we present Hotellito de la buena suerta from Sonora, Mexico in spotlight.

On a contrary to pretty pictures, ArchiMAG also provides cold hard facts about ArchiCAD. In this issue we have several tutorials to ease readers’ ArchiCAD workflow. To mention a few, this magazine features a tutorial about Favourites Palette from ArchiCAD guru Eric Bobrow and a Mesh Tool tutorial from an award winning Ukrainian architecture student Dmitriy Sivak.

If you haven’t subsribed the ArchiMAG yet, subsribe for the magazine now!

ArchiMAG 1/2011 table of contents

4 Interview with Bradley Khouri from B9 Architects

7 How to Use Magic Mouse with ArchiCAD

8 Managing the Favourites Palette

11 Making objects with Standard ArchiCAD Design Tools

12 M.A.D. Solutions: Zonematic

13 M.A.D. Solutions: Revisiomatic

14 New features of SketchUp 8

16 The Checklist Manifesto – How to Get Things Right

17 BIM: The Verb

18 In Spotlight

20 Full Frame vs. Crop Frame

22 Super-Low Energy Building Design with BIM

26 “Green” BIM – Low Energy Building Design with Graphisoft EcoDesigner

27 Brave New World

28 News

29 Tips & Tricks

35 Events

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