Software articles in the 1/2010 issue

Isler House in New Zealand. Architect: Dave Chisholm

Isler House in New Zealand. Architect: Dave Chisholm

Four great articles were written about different software in the latest issue of ArchiMAG magazine. Below you can find short introductions to the articles. Subscribe to receive the full magazine.

ArchiCAD 14

ArchiCAD 14 continues to lead the way among building information modelling tools. Special emphasis has been placed on compatibility and efficient data transfer between different software.

Cadimage – the Mathematics of Beauty

The aesthetic of any building is only the tip of the iceberg. The main body of the ice below the water is the mathematics that define the structure. For a small technology start-up in New Zealand, the craft and care in the documentation of a design has its own special beauty.


EcoDesigner is an add-on to ArchiCAD that enables the leveraging of data from a building information model for a topic of current interest: evaluation of the energy consumption and energy conservation of a building.

Further information on EcoDesigner:
Sved, Miklos (2009) Advanced GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner User Guide. Available at the ArchiCADWiki
Thoo, Sid (2010) Graphisoft EcoDesigner. AECbytes

An Electronic Sketch Pad in Your Pocket

Having an iPhone or an iTouch is much like having a pocket-sized mini-minilaptop, with lots of potential to exploit.

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