Last issue of 2011 is out now!

We are proud to tell that we have just published this year’s last ArchiMAG issue. Magazines has been posted and should reach readers in the near future.
In this issue we have several articles about working on BIM projects over the internet and how to take designs on the road. We have Graphisoft’s CEO Viktor Várkonyi’s article about BIM in the cloud, which is followed by an article about BIMx – Graphisoft’s answer to working on tablet devices. Furthermore, Apollo Spiliotis has written an article about other CAD solutions available for tablets. As usual, the magazine also features interesting case studies from around the world.

ArchiMAG 4/2011’s Table of contents

2 Jobs is Gone… Can Life Continue?
4 Debunking the Myths about BIM in the “Cloud”
7 BIMx Brings ArchiCAD Models to Desktop, iPad & iPhone
10 Mobile CAD in the Post-PC Era
14 3D Model of Hamar Centre
16 1TnD – Finally in One Place
20 BIM Modelling – a Useful Tool for the City of Helsinki
23 Solberg Rest Area – Cultural Heritage and Splendid Views
26 Parallel Teams, Serial Teams and the Critical Importance of Templates
28 48 Hour Buzz of BIM
31 Terrain Modeling Basics
34 News
36 Events

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  1. Iris says:

    I’m glad you like the start of your archicad work exrnpieece. I agree with you that learning new functions in archicad is very nice. In particular all the time savers.