ArchiMAG now on App Store

ArchiMAG app is now available! Go to App Store and search for “ArchiMAG” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂 Also, if you are reading this on iPhone or iPad you download ArchiMAG straight away from App Store.
Currently there is a back catalog issue and a free sample issue available for download but we will be uploading a brand new issue of ArchiMAG soon. We will keep you posted!

4 Responses to “ArchiMAG now on App Store”
  1. HAMZA MOSHRIF says:

    when you will release Android version? :((

  2. We are thinking of releasing Android version too but first we will see how the iPad version will catch on. Thank you for your feedback Hamza, it is highly appreciated. We will need feedback like this so that we know that Android version is really needed.
    Kind Regards,

  3. Victor Silva says:

    Surely an asset to the disclosure and a better understanding of the world of BIM and its tools, such as its importance for the AEC market.
    Good job done and thanks to all the ArchiMAG Team.

  4. Yuki says:

    The history of Graphisoft like Apple is slautaccper.A great example of how men distinguish themselves in times of difficulties and not give up.Visionaries who have created software tools truly far ahead of his time.ArchiCAD, the VICO Constructor aka the ArchiFM are an example of how persistence, the believing, you never give up, make a company a pioneer for 30 years.It was luck or fate that brought Gabor Bojar like Steve Jobs?Good thing this happened and continue to help us have a better world.