BIM survey shows ArchiCAD as the industry standard in New Zealand

New Zealand company Masterspec recently announced the results from their 2012 Nationwide BIM Survey. With a total of 524 industry respondents (81% architects and architectural designers), the results provide a credible picture of present day standards, attitudes and the progress made towards BIM in New Zealand.

The survey results clearly show ArchiCAD as the BIM software standard among New Zealand architects and architectural designers.

Key Results from the survey:

  • ArchiCAD dominates with 37% of the industry using it as their primary tool to produce CAD drawings, this is nearly 2 times more users than 2nd place Revit.
  • ArchiCAD would have an even higher percentage of users (around 45%) if the survey were exclusively for architects and architectural designers.
  • 90% believed that they would be using BIM within 5 years, and 70% believed that they would be using BIM in one year’s time.

“We’re rapt with the results. We have seen ArchiCAD sales climb back to historic highs, and 2012 looks like a great year. To us, this survey backs up ArchiCAD as the industry leader in the New Zealand architectural BIM CAD software market.”

Campbell Yule, Managing Director of Graphisoft New Zealand

Graphisoft New Zealand is part of the Cadimage Group which develop, distribute, support and service an integrated range of design and evaluation software for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry in New Zealand and internationally. Graphisoft New Zealand has been the exclusive distributor for ArchiCAD in New Zealand since 1991.

Cadimage Group distributes: ArchiCAD, Artlantis, Solibri Model Checker, Solid Edge and Femap, as well as developing and exporting their own software.

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  1. Cristina says:

    1. I’m going to give it a 2, because at least we are able to bring it in. A danmyic link sure would be cool though.2. I currently don’t work with any Revit users, but if I did I would say a 10 would be appropriate. Autodesk should bring the capablilities of Navisworks inside Revit/Civil 3D.