Thoughts of a Portuguese Architect Student

Ana is a Portuguese architect student who came to Finland to study and work on an interesting case. My name is Ana Moreira Bento. I was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1993. I study Architecture at the University of Coimbra. I have just concluded my bachelor’s degree. My parents are both professors. My mother teaches Food engineering at Coimbra Higher School of Agriculture – ESAC – and my father teaches physics at University of Coimbra. They are also researchers and my... Read More

Going Global with Teamwork

Since its introduction in ArchiCAD 5.1 in 1997 the Teamwork feature has been evolving constantly and now opens up the possibility of global working. This has been successfully used by Icelandic architecture office Batteríið Arkitektar who used it to go global with their business when Iceland’s economic climate was struggling. In 2008 Iceland’s economy was hit hard. The collapse of the Icelandic banking system caused serious problems in financing and it was pretty much impossible... Read More

COR – Green Building that Stands Out

Two online portals – ShareAEC and AECCafe – jointly organised a Sustainable Architecture Challenge some time ago. The competition’s aim was to find innovative ways for sustainable architecture. Of all the submitted works, one entry stood out from others: COR – a multi-purpose complex. It mesmerized the jury with its original and well-thought design as sustainability is integrated into COR’s design – not a last-minute add-on. COR will be a mixed-use condominium... Read More

Something Old, Something New

Architect John Allsopp has created an awardwinning concept house that combines the Caribbean way of living with sustainability. Antillean Gothic won the award for Best Architectural Innovation in the 2011 Caribbean Construction Awards. Let’s take a closer look and see what this unique housingconcept is made of. The devastating earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 was a turning point for architect John Allsopp who personally witnessed the destruction they caused. As houses... Read More

BIM Modelling – a Useful Tool for the City of Helsinki

The City of Helsinki encourages the use of building information modelling as it enables the city to acquire more and better information on its properties and to maintain them more easily. Thus, the city is gradually shifting to BIM modelling, in both new build and refurbishment projects. The City of Helsinki Public Works department has its own Architectural Division with a current staff of 14. The principal part of the Architectural Division’s work is commissioned by the city’s... Read More

BIMx Brings ArchiCAD Models to Desktop, iPad & iPhone

Graphisoft has adapted its Virtual Building Explorer (VBEG) program to be compatible with mobile devices, and at the same time it has been renamed BIMx. i.e. BIM Explorer. In addition to sending files, BIM models can now be shared via new routes where the platform is Facebook and a cloud server. CAD software producers are currently competing to devise solutions that make it possible to view CAD information models on mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets are suitable presentation... Read More

ArchiCAD & IFC – Achieving 3D-based Interoperability

Open BIM and IFC The goal of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to create a comprehensive building model that can be effectively applied throughout the entire lifecycle of the building (including design, construction, maintenance) by all the participants – architects, engineers, builders and owners – in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC). BIM contains significantly more data than traditional, two-dimensional drawings. This additional information... Read More

Najaf Hospital in Iraq

After long deliberations, Engineering Adnan Saffarini Office (EAS) chose ArchiCAD as their BIM software. Here, Hassan Saffarini, Director of Operations at EAS explains the reasons behind the decision and how implementing BIM in a large office is managed. Eng. Adnan Saffarini Office (EAS), one of the most prominent engineering consultants in the United Arab Emirates and other parts of the Middle East, was established in 1968. With four decades of experience and merit, EAS has... Read More

Modelling the Lapinlahti Hospital Restoration

Since 2008, the architect office of Lasse Kosunen has been modelling representations of the old Lapinlahti Hospital for a City of Helsinki-commissioned preservation and restoration project. Building Information Modelling (BIM) was utilized throughout the entire process, beginning with a 3D laser scan of the buildings in their current state and ending with comprehensive BIM model that will be archived for property maintenance purposes. The project had many highs and lows; nevertheless,... Read More

How to Use Magic Mouse with CAD

Back in October 2009, Apple surprised us with a new introduction to the Mac peripherals, the Apple Magic Mouse, the world’s first multi-touch mouse. In the past, Apple hasn’t been very successful with its mice, if you recall the round ‘hockey puck’ in ’98 and the deceivingly useless Mighty Mouse with its dirt-gatherer scroll ball, but many are starting to come around now that the company has seemed to have nailed it. The Magic Mouse doesn’t have anything on its surface.... Read More