Super-low Energy Building Design with BIM

40% of global raw material consumption, as well as carbon pollution, is related to the building industry. As the conductors of building activity, it is the architects’ responsibility to design more energy-efficient buildings. Building Energy Design Tasks The European Union Directive 2010, 31 on the energy performance of buildings defines the future building energy design tasks of architects, in addition to their existing responsibilities. First of all, they must provide correct... Read More

Omega IAT receives award for the first project designed with ArchiCAD

Omega IAT's winning project ©Omega IAT In August this year Architect Asgeir Damman of Omega IAT’s branch in Stord, Norway, received an award in the Europe & Africa Poverty Awards 2010 for a housing project at Stord. Damman designed the project in the summer of 2009 and it is currently under construction in Ådland. The project will be completed by the end of the year and consists of seven houses and an apartment building. The project is specifically adapted to the... Read More

Design log buildings with ArchiCAD

Ski Chalet designed with ArchiCAD and ArchiLogs Micro Aided Design (Graphisoft has also registered Graphisoft Finland for Micro Aided Design) has designed a plugin for ArchiCAD that allows architects to design log buildings. ArchiLogs is a great tool for architects but also for marketers and producers. With ArchiLogs you can design the whole project in ArchiCAD from start to end. As all the functionality is now packed within one program, you’ll reach results quickly and... Read More

A video tutorial for a simple residential building in ArchiCAD

We’re happy to announce new collaboration with ArchiCADmonkey provides it’s readers with great tutorials for ArchiCAD as well as Artlantis. This first tutorial we’re publishing is for building a simple residential building in ArchiCAD. The tutorial offers good tips and tricks for effectively using ArchiCAD’s many functionalities so the tutorial may prove to be interesting even for the more advanced users. You can also visit Read More

Texture Workshop – create your own textures for visualization

You have many alternating techniques to visualize a building model in ArchiCAD. This tutorial shows you how to make suitable texture images for ArchiCAD, Artlantis or some other program that uses textures to give a ‘real-life’ feel to the modelled surfaces. Textures in ArchiCAD are shown in a 3D window when you use the OpenGL engine or with renderers in a rendering window. The first step to successful visualization is careful and exact modelling, after which the surface... Read More

Graphisoft releases ArchiCAD Start Edition 2011

Graphisoft announced the release of ArchiCAD Star(t) Edition 2011 German and Austrian versions on January 18. The start edition is the latest release of Graphisoft’s entry-level BIM solution. The new ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition 2011 is based on the Virtual Building technology of ArchiCAD 14, but with a feature set and pricce tailored to the needs of small architectural practices, home builders, and building contractors. ArchiCAD STAR(T) Edition 2011 contains all the tools... Read More

Inception and infographics – 3D Competition!

FastCompany recently launched a competition for designing the best infographics for Inception. The movie took place on many different levels and the participants were asked to try and summarize the happenings as well as the different levels in one picture, best as they could. This was a fantastic idea for an infographics competition and we were excited to see the results. The winning design was made by Rick Slusher with the infographic below (Click on the picture to view it in... Read More

Support article in the 1/2010 issue

Texture workshop – create your own textures for visualisation This tutorial shows you how to make suitable texture images for ArchiCAD, Artlantis or some other program that uses textures to give a ‘real-life’ feel to the modelled surfaces.  Read More

Software articles in the 1/2010 issue

Isler House in New Zealand. Architect: Dave Chisholm Four great articles were written about different software in the latest issue of ArchiMAG magazine. Below you can find short introductions to the articles. Subscribe to receive the full magazine. ArchiCAD 14 ArchiCAD 14 continues to lead the way among building information modelling tools. Special emphasis has been placed on compatibility and efficient data transfer between different software. Cadimage – the Mathematics of... Read More