How to Use Magic Mouse with CAD

Back in October 2009, Apple surprised us with a new introduction to the Mac peripherals, the Apple Magic Mouse, the world’s first multi-touch mouse. In the past, Apple hasn’t been very successful with its mice, if you recall the round ‘hockey puck’ in ’98 and the deceivingly useless Mighty Mouse with its dirt-gatherer scroll ball, but many are starting to come around now that the company has seemed to have nailed it. The Magic Mouse doesn’t have anything on its surface.... Read More

A video tutorial for a simple residential building in ArchiCAD

We’re happy to announce new collaboration with ArchiCADmonkey provides it’s readers with great tutorials for ArchiCAD as well as Artlantis. This first tutorial we’re publishing is for building a simple residential building in ArchiCAD. The tutorial offers good tips and tricks for effectively using ArchiCAD’s many functionalities so the tutorial may prove to be interesting even for the more advanced users. You can also visit Read More