Error in ArchiMAG app FIXED!

It has come to our knowledge that readers of ArchiMAG are facing problems reading the magazine. When reading the magazine app tells to ‘update to the newer version’ but no update cannot be find from App Store. We have knowledged the problem and we have hopefully fixed it. We have uploaded new version of the app to Apple and as soon as Apple passes the new update through you can enjoy new issue of ArchiMAG. We are genuinely sorry about this. Technology is really tricky... Read More

ArchiMAG 2/2012 out!

New ArchiMAG issue is available for download in the ArchiMAG app! This issue features articles about ArchiCAD Start Edition and Archisuite just to name a few. Issue is packed with case studies from Iceland, USA, Qatar, Norway, Tanzania, Egypt and Jordan! Download yours now! IF you still haven’t downloaded ArchiMAG app to your iPad, do so now:  Read More

ArchiMAG now on App Store

ArchiMAG app is now available! Go to App Store and search for “ArchiMAG” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂 Also, if you are reading this on iPhone or iPad you download ArchiMAG straight away from App Store. Currently there is a back catalog issue and a free sample issue available for download but we will be uploading a brand new issue of ArchiMAG soon. We will keep you posted!  Read More

ArchiMAG soon on iPad & Facebook

We are currently waiting for Apple’s approval for our ArchiMAG app. Almost there! Be patient… ArchiMAG will be published on iPads soon! Also there is now a Facebook page for ArchiMAG, where you can hear the latest BIM news and leave your comments about the magazine. Check out the ArchiMAG Facebook page and like it!  Read More

Last issue of 2011 is out now!

We are proud to tell that we have just published this year’s last ArchiMAG issue. Magazines has been posted and should reach readers in the near future. In this issue we have several articles about working on BIM projects over the internet and how to take designs on the road. We have Graphisoft’s CEO Viktor Várkonyi’s article about BIM in the cloud, which is followed by an article about BIMx – Graphisoft’s answer to working on tablet devices. Furthermore,... Read More

Latest ArchiMAG issue is out now!

We are proud to tell that yet another issue of ArchiMAG is being published. This magazine has some very exciting case studies around the world from countries like Iraq, Sweden and Japan. The magazine is full of helpful tutorials too. In this magazine readers get tips for working with Photoshop, GDL objects and 3D PDF files. Furthermore, we are especially proud to publish Graphisoft’s product manager Ákos Rechtorisz’s article about ArchiCAD and its IFC development.... Read More

The new ArchiMAG issue is out!

To celebrate the ArchiCAD 15’s recent release, the new ArchiCAD is one of the main themes in ArchiMAG 2/2011. A long-term ArchiCAD user Severi Virolainen has wrote a review of new ArchiCAD and to honour one of the ArchiCAD 15’s main themes “renovation”, the new issue also features an article about Lapinlahti Hospital restoration project in Helsinki, Finland. The magazine has other interesting articles too: a GDL tutorial by Jeroen de Bruin and interview... Read More

ArchiMAG issue 1/2011

ArchiMAG issue 1/2011 The first issue of the year is out! By now, the new ArchiMAG issue should have reached all of our readers. The new issue 1/2011 is full of interesting articles. The ”hot topic” of this issue is a new Graphisoft EcoDesigner, which is introduced in the magazine by Miklós Sved, who is one of the software developers of EcoDesigner. The article gives great insight into the new EcoDesigner version and illustrates the use of EcoDesigner with a Hadlow Gollege... Read More

Support article in the 1/2010 issue

Texture workshop – create your own textures for visualisation This tutorial shows you how to make suitable texture images for ArchiCAD, Artlantis or some other program that uses textures to give a ‘real-life’ feel to the modelled surfaces.  Read More