COR – Green Building that Stands Out

Two online portals – ShareAEC and AECCafe – jointly organised a Sustainable Architecture Challenge some time ago. The competition’s aim was to find innovative ways for sustainable architecture. Of all the submitted works, one entry stood out from others: COR – a multi-purpose complex. It mesmerized the jury with its original and well-thought design as sustainability is integrated into COR’s design – not a last-minute add-on. COR will be a mixed-use condominium... Read More


Isler House in New Zealand. Architect: Dave Chisholm EcoDesigner EcoDesigner is an add-on to ArchiCAD that enables the leveraging of data from a building information model for a topic of current interest: evaluation of the energy consumption and energy conservation of a building. This article first discusses the work process used with the program and then comments on a trial run. With EcoDesigner, architects are now able to assess the energy economy of a building in a feasible... Read More

Greener Buildings through Energy Analysis Tools

Design by Christophe Hébert Vijay Kanal and Kelly Flores from Kanal Consulting recently published an article on AECbytes. The article was about greener buildings and how they could be created with the help of energy analysis tools. The article describes some of the challenges related to choosing the right kind of program in terms of capability and complexity as well as the usage of these programs. Kanal and Flores also offer some tips for overcoming these issues based on their... Read More