Latest ArchiMAG issue is out now!

We are proud to tell that yet another issue of ArchiMAG is being published. This magazine has some very exciting case studies around the world from countries like Iraq, Sweden and Japan. The magazine is full of helpful tutorials too. In this magazine readers get tips for working with Photoshop, GDL objects and 3D PDF files. Furthermore, we are especially proud to publish Graphisoft’s product manager Ákos Rechtorisz’s article about ArchiCAD and its IFC development.... Read More

The new ArchiMAG issue is out!

To celebrate the ArchiCAD 15’s recent release, the new ArchiCAD is one of the main themes in ArchiMAG 2/2011. A long-term ArchiCAD user Severi Virolainen has wrote a review of new ArchiCAD and to honour one of the ArchiCAD 15’s main themes “renovation”, the new issue also features an article about Lapinlahti Hospital restoration project in Helsinki, Finland. The magazine has other interesting articles too: a GDL tutorial by Jeroen de Bruin and interview... Read More

ArchiMAG 2/2010 in print!

We’ve sent the 2/2010 issue of ArchiMAG to print. Since the first issue 2010, we’ve expanded our network of writers and the coverage is becoming more and more international. In this issue you can find articles about Virtual BIM Server, IFD, IFC Viewers, Smart GDL Objects, and an interview with Abelardo M. Tolentino Jr. among other things.Toread more, subscribe to ArchiMAG for 2011 and receive the two 2010 issues for free. 2011 looks interesting for ArchiMAG. Our aim... Read More

GDL related articles in the 1/2010 issue

Prisms and Rounded Corners in GDL Extruded polygons, or prisms, are among the most versatile 3D elements in GDL. This is a discussion of status codes for some types of prism. To Save or Save As? How to avoid missing objects? This article provides a few answers to questions relating to editing existing objects and object identification, i.e. GUID.  Read More