Vennesla Library – ArchiCAD 16 Signature Project

One might recognise this building from the side of new ArchiCAD 16 pack. The release of ArchiCAD version 16 coincided with the opening of the new Vennesla cultural centre designed by Helen & Hard Architects – a modern monumental building and a community meeting place in one. The project won the wood building prize in 2011 and the State construction prize in 2012, and it has been widely discussed in architectural periodicals in Norway and abroad. Wood is used innovatively... Read More

Going Global with Teamwork

Since its introduction in ArchiCAD 5.1 in 1997 the Teamwork feature has been evolving constantly and now opens up the possibility of global working. This has been successfully used by Icelandic architecture office Batteríið Arkitektar who used it to go global with their business when Iceland’s economic climate was struggling. In 2008 Iceland’s economy was hit hard. The collapse of the Icelandic banking system caused serious problems in financing and it was pretty much impossible... Read More

Omega IAT receives award for the first project designed with ArchiCAD

Omega IAT's winning project ©Omega IAT In August this year Architect Asgeir Damman of Omega IAT’s branch in Stord, Norway, received an award in the Europe & Africa Poverty Awards 2010 for a housing project at Stord. Damman designed the project in the summer of 2009 and it is currently under construction in Ådland. The project will be completed by the end of the year and consists of seven houses and an apartment building. The project is specifically adapted to the... Read More