ArchiMAG issue 1/2011

ArchiMAG issue 1/2011 The first issue of the year is out! By now, the new ArchiMAG issue should have reached all of our readers. The new issue 1/2011 is full of interesting articles. The ”hot topic” of this issue is a new Graphisoft EcoDesigner, which is introduced in the magazine by Miklós Sved, who is one of the software developers of EcoDesigner. The article gives great insight into the new EcoDesigner version and illustrates the use of EcoDesigner with a Hadlow Gollege... Read More

GDL related articles in the 1/2010 issue

Prisms and Rounded Corners in GDL Extruded polygons, or prisms, are among the most versatile 3D elements in GDL. This is a discussion of status codes for some types of prism. To Save or Save As? How to avoid missing objects? This article provides a few answers to questions relating to editing existing objects and object identification, i.e. GUID.  Read More