Thoughts of a Portuguese Architect Student

Ana is a Portuguese architect student who came to Finland to study and work on an interesting case. My name is Ana Moreira Bento. I was born in Coimbra, Portugal, in 1993. I study Architecture at the University of Coimbra. I have just concluded my bachelor’s degree. My parents are both professors. My mother teaches Food engineering at Coimbra Higher School of Agriculture – ESAC – and my father teaches physics at University of Coimbra. They are also researchers and my... Read More

BIM and 3D modeling in action

Creating 3D and BIM models of buildings helps the project in many ways. In Finland, VTT has created a technology that almost literally lets you walk inside the building and the surrounding area. This kind of a 3D building model combined with VTT’s immersive multiwall CAVE display gives clients and other stakeholders a completely different view to the building-to-be. Have a look at the video, showing how the Digitalo building in the Otaniemi area in Finland can be explored... Read More